Kevin Blake

"In your face multi-device ready experience based website."

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We have been patiently planning the relaunch of Kevin's website for a while and now we need your help.

If you've made it this far we at the dev team hope you filled out the quick form on the main landing page. If you have, thank you it is greatly appreciated. We are after all building this for you to enjoy. Our Mission is to bring a super fun media rich site live that will keep you coming back for more.

We know Kevin has been wanting to give back to his amazing followers something great, so be patient with us and we will not let you down.

Whats Next

So right now we are gathering as much data as possible from you the community. We are collecting content that you've never seen before and can only show here. Check back to this page specifically for updates. And again, make sure you fill out the form on the main landing page and you will automatically be updated when the site goes live for the first time.